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React and Next.js

React (and Next.js)


This page mostly contains React snippet and CLI that I usually use. Sometimes, I also put some notes regarding React as a reminder.

Official Docs

Site NameDescription
React Docs Beta (opens in a new tab)Beta version of newest React Docs
Official React Docs (opens in a new tab)Official React Docs
Create React App (opens in a new tab)Create React App Docs
React Vite (opens in a new tab)React using Vite as build tool
Next.js Docs (opens in a new tab)Official Next JS Docs
React TS Cheatsheet (opens in a new tab)React TS Cheatsheet
Awesome React (opens in a new tab)A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem
Bulletprof React (opens in a new tab)A simple, scalable, and powerful architecture for building production ready React applications.

Getting Started


npx create-react-app <app_name>
## or
yarn create react-app <app_name>
# typescript
npx create-react-app <app_name> --template typescript
## or
yarn create react-app <app_name> --template typescript


npm init @vitejs/app <app_name> --template react
## or
yarn create @vitejs/app <app_name> --template react
# typescript
npm init @vitejs/app <app_name> --template react-ts
## or
yarn create @vitejs/app <app_name> --template react-ts


npx create-next-app <app_name>
# or
yarn create next-app <app_name>
# TS
npx create-next-app@latest --typescript
# or
yarn create next-app --typescript

Video Resources

Next.js in 100seconds (opens in a new tab)React in 100 seconds (opens in a new tab)
React Hooks Explanations (opens in a new tab)React Typescript (opens in a new tab)