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Resources and Blog References

Resources and Blog References


This page contains some of my bookmarks related to software development.

Coding/Design patterns

JS Patterns (opens in a new tab)Javascript patterns (opens in a new tab) is free book on design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript and React.
React Pattern (opens in a new tab)Get the latest React patterns, tips, and tricks right to your inbox.


TIL by jbranchaud (opens in a new tab)
TIL by leebryon (opens in a new tab)

Javascript/Typescript Basics

Type level Typescript online course (docs) (opens in a new tab)
You Don't Know JS (opens in a new tab)


Site NameDescription
Unit Testing in React (opens in a new tab)Blog about unit testing in React by Naufaldhi

Basic CSS Explanation

Site NameDescription
Flexbox or Grid? (opens in a new tab)Flexbox vs Grid explanation by Theodorus Clarence
Tailwind Best Practice (opens in a new tab)Tailwind best practice by Theodorus Clarence
Rem, Em, or Pixel? (opens in a new tab)Explanation about rem, em, and px by Theodorus Clarence
Mental Model about Flexbox (opens in a new tab)Explanation about Flexbox by Theodorus Clarence

Sites Related to Learning Coding or Just Reference

Site NameDescription
Brilliant (opens in a new tab)The best way to learn math and computer science
Code Simplicity (opens in a new tab)This book contains the fundamental laws of software design—the most important facts about software development that will let you understand what is going to happen with your software system in the future, based on the actions you take now.
Fullstack Open (opens in a new tab)Deep Dive Into Modern Web Development
Exercism (opens in a new tab)Like Hackerank but the UI is more intuitive and it's open-source
Learn TDD (opens in a new tab)âś… A brief introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) in JavaScript (Complete Beginner's Step-by-Step Tutorial)
W3Schools (opens in a new tab)The common site to learn web dev
Flex Froggy (opens in a new tab)A website to learn Flexbox through mini games
Freecodecamp (opens in a new tab)A popular site to learn to program
MDN Docs (opens in a new tab)Resources for developers provided by MDN (opens in a new tab)Like the medium site, but it built especially for developers around the world
Diskusi TechLike, but it's an Indonesian community
Product Hunt (opens in a new tab)A site which contains unique digital products
AwesomeJS (opens in a new tab)A site to find awesome package for the framework you use
Design System Repo (opens in a new tab)A site that contains a lot of things about Design System
Spark Joy (opens in a new tab)A list of wonderful things and tools
In The Cloud by Google Cloud (opens in a new tab)Learn Google Cloud from any dev perspective