Libraries and UI Resources

Some Interesting Libraries (Third Party)

Site NameDescription
Party TownRun Third-Party Scripts From A Web Worker
CrispThe all-in-one multichannel messaging platform that connects companies & customers
CalendlyCalendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work.

Styling Libraries

Site NameDescription
Daisy UIDaisy UI made using Tailwind
Chakra UIUI Library and styling for React & Next using props for the styling process
SaSSCSS pre-processor
Tailwind CSSCSS Utility Class Tool
Tailwind KitA site contains most used Tailwind Component

UI Component Libraries

Site NameDescription
Pico CSSMinimal CSS Framework for semantic HTML
Swiper JSCarousel Component
React Hot ToastToast component for React
Headless UIContain headless components like tabs, disclosure, etc
Radix PrimitivesPrimitive component Library
Rough NotaitionLibrary to create and animate annotations on a web page


Site NameDescription
CSS LayoutPopular CSS layout and patterns
CSS ResetReset the stylesheet agent so we get a consistent result in all sorts of browsers
CSS NormalizeCSS Reset Alternative
CSS3 GeneratorCSS3 Generator
CSS ButtonsCSS button collections
Keyframes AppCSS Generator (animation, color, shadow, and character codes)
NeumorphismGenerate Soft-UI CSS Code
W3Schools CSSLearn CSS
UI SnippetsCSS Snippets for some UI components


Site NameDescription
CoolorsColor pallete generator
ColorSpaceAlternative color pallete generator

React Libraries

Site NameDescription
React IconsCollection of icons from different sources
React DropzoneSimple React Hook to create an HTML5-compliant drag & drop zone for file.
FormikReact form management and validation
YupA validation library, usually paired with Formik
SWRA library to cleanly fetch data from API
ZustandReact State Management Library using Hooks
React Date PickerDate picker component

Config Libraries

Site NameDescription
PrettierCode Formatting
Lint StagedRun linter on staged files
HuskyGit Hooks automation tool
Standard versionChangelog generator (versioning)