Software Dev Things
Useful Tools


General tools

Site NameDescription
Research Rabbit (opens in a new tab)Connected Papers open source version
Quilbot (opens in a new tab)Paraphrasing bot, very helpful for thesis purposes
Temp Mail (opens in a new tab)Temporary Email generator, this is suitable for dummy accounts
Photopea (opens in a new tab)Free Photoshop web app alternative
Polotno Stidio (opens in a new tab)Free Canva alternative
MyBib (opens in a new tab)A web app for citation purposes
Colorffy (opens in a new tab)The easiest CSS color gradients generator
Shape Divider (opens in a new tab)Our Shape Dividers are premade SVG shapes that are not dynamic to the settings you use on the toolbar.
manifest.json generator (opens in a new tab)Generate base manifest.json and icons
Calendar Scheduler (opens in a new tab)Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.
Github Profile ReadMe Generator (opens in a new tab)🚀 Generate GitHub profile README easily with the latest add-ons like visitors count, GitHub stats, etc using minimal UI.
How to GraphQL (opens in a new tab)Tutorial How to GraphQL
Get Waves (opens in a new tab)Free SVG generator (waves motives)
BGJar (opens in a new tab)Free SVG background generator
N Package (opens in a new tab)Interactively Manage Your Node.js Versions
Free For Dev (opens in a new tab)This is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers
Customize Terminal - ohmyz (opens in a new tab)Customized Terminal. I like it, especially now I work using Macbook
Material Design Color Tool (opens in a new tab)Create and share color pallete tool
Sonarcloud (opens in a new tab)Code analyzer
CodeFactor (opens in a new tab)Another Code analyzer
Depfu (opens in a new tab)Automated Dependencies updater bot
Responsively (opens in a new tab)Helps to preview the UI responsively
Bleachbit (opens in a new tab)Like CCleaner which clean your disk
Open Graph (opens in a new tab)Check the meta tag of a site
Github Socialify (opens in a new tab)Generate image for readme at git repo
Open Graph Image as a Service (opens in a new tab)My current self-hosted Open Graph Image Generator
Markdown Table Generator (opens in a new tab)Markdown table generator

Prototyping Tools

Site NameDescription
Framer (opens in a new tab)App prototyping tool
Diagrams (opens in a new tab)Build workflow or flowchart
Jamboard (opens in a new tab)Google's digital whiteboard
Excalidraw (opens in a new tab)Jamboard alternative

Performance Measurement Tools

VS Code Extension

Site NameDescription
Auto Rename Tag (opens in a new tab)To rename the beginning and the end of a tag easily
Bracket Pair Colorizer (opens in a new tab)To give color for bracket
Material Design Icon (opens in a new tab)To give colorful and beautiful icon in VS Code side bar when open a project folder
Conventional Commits (opens in a new tab)Git commit message template
CSS Peek (opens in a new tab)To peek the CSS snippet of an ID or class element
Discord Presence (opens in a new tab)Display VS Code presence in Discord
ES7 React (opens in a new tab)Suggestion code for React
ESLint (opens in a new tab)Linter for JS or TS
Git Graph (opens in a new tab)Visualize the git flow
Highlight Matching tag (opens in a new tab)Highlight the matching tag
Indent Rainbow (opens in a new tab)Give beautiful color for indentation
CSS Intellisense (opens in a new tab)Give CSS suggestion
Emoji Sense (opens in a new tab)An emoji Intellisense
Night Owl Theme (opens in a new tab)My current favourite VS Code theme
Prettier (opens in a new tab)To beautify the code format and structure
Better Comment (opens in a new tab)Give different color highlights for different comment type
Turbo Console log (opens in a new tab)Console log shortcut
Github Copilot (opens in a new tab)AI Pair Programmer

Chrome Extensions

Extension NameDescription
Font Picker (opens in a new tab)To 'steal' font family in a site
GoFullPageScreenShot (opens in a new tab)To take full-page screenshot
Grammarly for Chrome (opens in a new tab)Check and fix grammar
JSON Viewer (opens in a new tab)Make JSON data more readable in web
React Dev Tools (opens in a new tab)Help to debugging React App
Wappanalyzer (opens in a new tab)Analyze the website build with which frameworks or library
CSS Peeper (opens in a new tab)Take the styling end even assets of a site

ESLint Favourite Plugins

Plugin's nameDescription
prettier-plugin-tailwindcss (opens in a new tab)Automatic Class Sorting for Tailwind CSS
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin (opens in a new tab)ESLint Plugin for Typescript
eslint-plugin-import (opens in a new tab)ESLint Plugin Import Sequence
eslint-plugin-unused-imports (opens in a new tab)ESlint Plugin to seperate unused vards and unused import