General tools

Site NameDescription
Research RabbitConnected Papers open source version
QuilbotParaphrasing bot, very helpful for thesis purposes
Temp MailTemporary Email generator, this is suitable for dummy accounts
PhotopeaFree Photoshop web app alternative
Polotno StidioFree Canva alternative
MyBibA web app for citation purposes
ColorffyThe easiest CSS color gradients generator
Shape DividerOur Shape Dividers are premade SVG shapes that are not dynamic to the settings you use on the toolbar.
manifest.json generatorGenerate base manifest.json and icons
Calendar SchedulerScheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.
Github Profile ReadMe Generator🚀 Generate GitHub profile README easily with the latest add-ons like visitors count, GitHub stats, etc using minimal UI.
How to GraphQLTutorial How to GraphQL
Get WavesFree SVG generator (waves motives)
BGJarFree SVG background generator
N PackageInteractively Manage Your Node.js Versions
Free For DevThis is a list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers
Customize Terminal - ohmyzCustomized Terminal. I like it, especially now I work using Macbook
Material Design Color ToolCreate and share color pallete tool
SonarcloudCode analyzer
CodeFactorAnother Code analyzer
DepfuAutomated Dependencies updater bot
ResponsivelyHelps to preview the UI responsively
BleachbitLike CCleaner which clean your disk
Open GraphCheck the meta tag of a site
Github SocialifyGenerate image for readme at git repo
Open Graph Image as a ServiceMy current self-hosted Open Graph Image Generator
Markdown Table GeneratorMarkdown table generator

Prototyping Tools

Site NameDescription
FramerApp prototyping tool
DiagramsBuild workflow or flowchart
JamboardGoogle's digital whiteboard
ExcalidrawJamboard alternative

Performance Measurement Tools

VS Code Extension

Site NameDescription
Auto Rename TagTo rename the beginning and the end of a tag easily
Bracket Pair ColorizerTo give color for bracket
Material Design IconTo give colorful and beautiful icon in VS Code side bar when open a project folder
Conventional CommitsGit commit message template
CSS PeekTo peek the CSS snippet of an ID or class element
Discord PresenceDisplay VS Code presence in Discord
ES7 ReactSuggestion code for React
ESLintLinter for JS or TS
Git GraphVisualize the git flow
Highlight Matching tagHighlight the matching tag
Indent RainbowGive beautiful color for indentation
CSS IntellisenseGive CSS suggestion
Emoji SenseAn emoji Intellisense
Night Owl ThemeMy current favourite VS Code theme
PrettierTo beautify the code format and structure
Better CommentGive different color highlights for different comment type
Turbo Console logConsole log shortcut
Github CopilotAI Pair Programmer

Chrome Extensions

Extension NameDescription
Font PickerTo 'steal' font family in a site
GoFullPageScreenShotTo take full-page screenshot
Grammarly for ChromeCheck and fix grammar
JSON ViewerMake JSON data more readable in web
React Dev ToolsHelp to debugging React App
WappanalyzerAnalyze the website build with which frameworks or library
CSS PeeperTake the styling end even assets of a site

ESLint Favourite Plugins

Plugin's nameDescription
prettier-plugin-tailwindcssAutomatic Class Sorting for Tailwind CSS
@typescript-eslint/eslint-pluginESLint Plugin for Typescript
eslint-plugin-importESLint Plugin Import Sequence
eslint-plugin-unused-importsESlint Plugin to seperate unused vards and unused import